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The Gann Pyramto

Square of Nine Essentials

Daniel T. Ferrera

Sacred Science Library


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Publishers Preface

The Square of Nine is undoubtedly the most mysterious and popular of W, D. Ganns financial market calculators. There is something about this strange number wheel which intrigues all who see it, whether they be market enthusiasts or school children. There have probably been more courses written about the Square of Nine than any other of Ganns trading tools, yet there has been very little actually said.

One wonders what it is about this spiral number chart that so peaks everyones interest. Is it simply the promise of great fortune for decoding the secret calculator of a legendary market master? Or is there something more subtle, something mysterious, ancient, and unknown that resonates deeper in the being of those intrigued by this chart? Upon exploration, we are pleasantly su rised to find that the Square of Nine is something that extends far beyond being simply an interesting trading tool of a legendary forecaster. In fact the Square of Nine has a history which extends into the far reaches of antiquity, deep into its ancient mysteries and sacred sciences.

It is said that Gann discovered the Square of Nine in India, a story that has not been verified, but would not be su rising since the Square of Nine may be found all over India. In Hindu temples throughout the land, there are small 5x5 squares (the inner square of the Square of 9) next to the doorways, with the squares serving as small containers filled with the earth and various botanicat and natural elements of the region, while the temples themselves are designed according to exactly the same pattern.

This leads us to an ancient Vedic diagram called the Parmasayika Grid (Figure 1) which divides the Hindu Pantheon according to the measures of the "Purusha" (immanifest creative potential) of the primal cosmic man, the "Anthropocosmos". In this diagram a lotus grows out of the naval of the cosmic man, at the exact center of the grid. This lotus is "Brahma" the universal vital principle, extending itself out through the loms blossom into the multi-dimensional grid ofthe manifesting universe. Since vegetable growth, along with all life, extends itself in spiral motion, it would circumambulate the grid from center ring to outer, just as price and time do on Ganns calculators. As the lotus grows, it progresses from the greater deities at the center to the lesser deities at the outer edge, the deities representing in the sacred tradition, universal laws and principles by which all that is bom and exists in manifest space-time is governed.

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