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architectural symbolism a model of cosmic man, Purusha, or Anthropocosmos, and his relation to the universe, exactly as we have seen in India. This is the model of "divine correspondences" as expressed in esoteric tradition by the Hermetic axiom, "As Above, So Below.

Is it surprising, then, that a diagram of such importance to the ancients is to be found applicable to the modem financial markets? Obviously the ancients chose this design as the basis for their most holy and magnificent achievements for an important . We see in both the Egyptian and Vedic tradifions that the Square of Nine has, since the beginning of time, been used as a measure of the relationship between man and cosmos. Perhaps by understanding the role it played in ancient times we may derive some insight into how wc may apply it to the manifest realities of our time. It is this value which makes the Square of Nine so intriguing to all who see it. There is something to it which transcends the conscious mind and reaches far back to a subconscious racial memory, finding something mysterious which draws ones attention to this strange mathematical calculator.

This course, while perhaps not revealing the infinite mystery of Ihis most ancient of diagrams, goes further in revealing W. D. Ganns use ofthe Square of Nine as a market calculator than anything that has ever before been presented. We are excited that this material is currently being made available, and hope that it serves as inspiration for further research and appreciafion the great wisdom that has been passed down from antiquity through the Ancient Mysteries.

W, Bradstreet Stewart Sacred Science Institute

Table of Contents

Introduction P-2

Navigating With the Square of Nine P-7

Bible Interpretations Related to W. D. Gann P-11

What Gann Said About the Square of Nine P-15

Six Squares of Nine P-16

Square of Nine Time Applications P-19

Price Targets For Support & Resistance P-23

Using A Square of Nine Table P-25

Time As a Price & Price as a Time P-28

Gann Angle Projection P-30

Square of Nine Time Techniques, A Different Look at History P-33

Analyzing Markets P-39

Nine Rules For The Square of Nine P-40

Periodic Number Cycles P-42

Price as a Time Period P-45

Price Levels For Support & Resistance P-47

Converting Astronomical Longitude to Price P-49

Another Astronomical Technique P-55

Fibonacci Ratios P-60

Conclusion P-62

W. D. Gann Calculators P-63

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