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THE Ganns Pyramid, Square of Nine Essentials By Daniel T. Ferrera

The following titles relate to the contents of the Square of Nine Essentials Course. These titles present background theories from science and metaphycs which relate speciScatty lo the Square of Nine, its origins and uses as a calculator. Most of these books are available through the Satred Science Institute:

< The CoUecUd Writings Of W. D. Gaim Voluma /- Wlliam Ddbert G«ib 1909 -1955. Anyone who desires to undemand the ideas of W. D. Gann should not be without his complete writings, particularly the stock and commodity courses, wherein all of the basis his techniques and theories is presented with the greatest elaboration. This set, published by the Sacred Science Institute, is the most complete and best organized collection of Ganns writings from which much of the work in this course was derived, and is recommended as the most usehil collection of Gann*s writings.

❖ Magic Squares Cubes. W. S. Andrews. 1917. The most complete collection of writings oo every aspect of Mac Squares and Cubes by over a Dozen Excellent Authors. Fundamental for understanding the Logic behind Magical Numerical and Geometric Representational Calculatcrs and Ganns Squares.

<t The Temple Of Man: Apet Of The South ofLuxar. R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz. Truncated From Tbe French By Robert & Deborah Lawlor. 1999. This 51 ! , besides containing the most developed presentation of esoteric mathematics and geometry usehil for market study, includes a section on the Square of Nine as derived from India and connected with the Temple of Luxor,

An Important Question tn Metrology, Charles Totteo. 1884. A very important work on metrology (the sacred science of measure) with a particularly iinportant appendix on Ihe 5x5 square (the basis of Ganns square of nine) as the besis of the grest pyramid & as a template squaring the circle.

> The Itttriusie Harmony Of Number, Parts I-IV, Part 1 The Squares (rfBeBJamin Franklin. Fart The Magk Squares Of The Fifth & Seventh Orders. Part Magic Squares of The Orders Three-Six-Nine & Twelve. Part IV The Asxiliary Square. Clarence Marker. 1940-41.

A very original and detailed work on number squares and their mathematical significance.

❖ The Cosrnoiogicai Freemasonry of Frank Higgiti5.X)xt < 1 haVwtiiiazoilb Greetett Of All Ancieat Mysteries. A.U.M.e Loat Wcn)".The BegbiningOf Masoary, Forty Papers On the Hklden Mysteries Of Ancient Freemasonry. Franli C. Higghis. 1912-16. These writings are amongst the best geometrical, maAematical, & arithmetical unveilings ofthe secret Freemasonic cosmological science including the use of mathematical squares as calculators.

❖ Science Based Upon Symmetry. Chakravorty. 1974. An interesting wotK on how the 5 x 5 square worics as a mathematic calculator to solve many forms of mathematical and scientific problems.

The 1 1 Ttmplef 2 Volumes. Stella Kramrisch. 1976. An excellent work on the symbolism of Hindu Temple architecture, giving us one ofthe oldest examplcsof the Square of Nine with its symbolism and meaning. An essential WOTk!

❖ The Booh Of Magic Squares, 3 Volumes. Jain. 2001. An cxcaJlent presentation of magic squares, their properties, meanings, how to crente them and use them as number calculators.

The Cosmological Freemasonry of Frank Higgim, 1912-16. This important work contains many excellent keys to geometric and numerical calculators used in Gann v/ork.

❖ lo Unveiled. Bozcna Brydlova. 1922. Very important work cn number theory, not to be missed!

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