Finance is broad economic concept; finance from the appearance well and long ago is connected with human's life, with the functions of states and civilizations as a whole. It is possible to understand correctly today's reality knowing elementary knowledge of material and cash flows, significant sectors of economy, the exchanges, currency and stock market, capital redistribution.

Our site represents small financial library, in which we are collecting the works explaining many economic terms and definitions, also all can find theoretical bases of management by material streams and provided practical application of economic knowledge in life.

If you are only starting to be interested in finance you can read about traders, price schedules, actions and bonds, options and futures, bidders, classification of stock markets. When you are having some understanding about basics a little bit, it is possible to move more confidently already further into the depth of the processes occurring in complex and huge financial schemes.

Also there are many books by analytics, consideration of the world financial systems, some areas of investment, models of speculation on the stock exchanges. Literature is presented, which describes the science of economics from different points of view, including from the standpoint of philosophy and psychology, how could be interpret financial processes, sharing of economic and philosophical categories.

Anyone who is determined to invest in the calculation of the profit can read a brief overview and prospects of development of stock markets, the role of precious metals to make a profit on your investment. Those who want to get to the core of the Exchanges can read about traders, brokers, delving into the essence of their work. There are books talked about the principles of investment, the internal structure of speculative schemes. There are examples of the securities, as they invest in based on the current situation in the world economy. We have the issues of strategic and tactical steps investment management.

In addition to theory, the literature is given, which represents the application of advances in economic research in practice. The authors share their experience capital growth and provide advice on the preparation, how to avoid or minimize the inevitable losses, to avoid bankruptcy.

There is a special book's selection of cybernetics in the economy, as well as the known popular books how become rich, starting from "zero".

Attention is paid and the current trading, earnings on the Internet, the earning potential in the market Forex, become a member of the famous Forex Club.

If you have the desire to get rich, then in our financial library you will find quite interesting and useful literature.